Acuant Scanner Downloads

We make these downloads available for our customers for basic troubleshooting.   If you require more extensive troubleshooting or the latest driver downloads, please contact GBG IDology (formerly known as Acuant) at +1 866.520.1234 ext 3.  


ID Scanner Test Utility:

Please read disclaimer at bottom of the page.

Before using this utility, install the Free SDK to ensure proper functionality.  If you already have an SDK installed, you can likely skip this step. Once installed, download and extract the contents of the ID Scanner Test Utility. This tool helps you test the functionality of your scanner. Encountering issues with your scanner after testing? Don't hesitate to contact us or give us a call/text at (404) 548-8739 for a consultation and quote on replacement hardware.

 Legacy Scanner Drivers:

Scanner Driver and Calibration Resources

Driver Downloads for Current Models:

 Passport P5 drivers - please contact Desko for the drivers or login here:  Download Area | DESKO GmbH


    Calibration Tools and Instructions:

    Please follow these steps for successful calibration:

    1. Print out one copy of the relevant calibration sheet. This will include two sheets - cut both to the size indicated by the dashed lines.
    2. Ensure both sides look the same with arrows pointing in the same direction.
    3. Use tape to secure the side with arrows, keeping both sheets together during calibration.


    Free SDK



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